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The singularity of a 
moment, it's full
comprehension, and 
the pinhole

225x210 mm,
hand bound

First printed in August 2020, 

re-printed as an edition of 10
in May 2022.

Scan 1.jpeg
Scan 2.jpeg
Scan 4.jpeg
Scan 3.jpeg
Scan 7.jpeg
Scan 5.jpeg
Scan 8.jpeg
Scan 9.jpeg
Scan 11.jpeg
Scan 10.jpeg
Scan 13.jpeg
Scan 12.jpeg
Scan 14.jpeg
Scan 15.jpeg
Scan 16.jpeg
Scan 17.jpeg
Scan 18.jpeg
Scan 19.jpeg
Scan 20.jpeg
Scan 29.jpeg
Scan 24.jpg
Scan 22.jpeg
Scan 25.jpeg
Scan 30.jpeg
Numériser 45.jpeg
Scan 23.jpeg
Scan 28.jpeg
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